Another lovely review for By Honor Betrayed. Plus, get a copy for 60cents today.

Cor, the length of that title. Anyway, if you remember, I mentioned that Diesel ebooks was doing a special offer on By Honor Betrayed on 01/03/2012. Being British, I saw that date and thought “first of March? I’ll never remember to remind people that far off.” However, thanks to the lovely Jay Rookwood, I’ve been reminded that dates work differently in the US and that 01/03/2012 is actually the third of January there.

So, ten copies of By Honor Betrayed will be available at Diesel ebooks here at the princely sum of 60c, starting from 11am EST. First come, first served.

In a miracle of good timing (I say a miracle because it certainly wasn’t planned) By Honor Betrayed has just had another wonderful review, this time from Lena at Queer Magazine Online:

“’By Honor Portrayed’ is an excellent, well written, exciting, passionate love story which I highly recommend to anyone who believes as Conrad does, that love is the most important thing in the world and that life without the one you love is not worth living.”

This is a really good way to start the new year 😀 Thanks, Lena!

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Grace Roberts
12 years ago

Well, I could say, ‘damn, I wish I’d waited’, but nah, it was well worth paying the full whack. Cheers.

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