Five stars for By Honor Betrayed

Hee! I want to say that this is a good way to start the new year, but actually it’s more that it’s a good way to end the old one 🙂


with this lovely review from Jessewave’s blog:

If you are looking for a lovely historical from a talented author, look no further than By Honor Betrayed.

Thank you ever so much to Aunt Lynn!

And speaking of which, I have just had an email from Diesel ebooks saying that they are featuring By Honor Betrayed as their Deal of the Day on 01/03/2012. I will try mightily to remember to remind everyone of that a bit closer to the time, but I suspect I may not manage it.

I wasn’t really familiar with Diesel ebooks before this, but their site looks interesting, and I would be glad for an alternative to Amazon. They also pay you for submitting reviews, which sounds like a bargain 🙂

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Jay Rookwood
Jay Rookwood
12 years ago


Is that 01/03/12 in European (i.e. March 1st) or American (January 3rd)?

Alex Beecroft
Alex Beecroft
12 years ago

Oh, that’s a very good point! I automatically assumed it was 1st of March, but it might very well be January the 3rd. I probably *can* remember to remind people if it’s only later this week! Thanks!

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