Every year, I hope to do Nanowrimo.  This year I planned to do it.  I had even plotted out an 80k long book and written the first 30k in the hopes of finishing off the next 50k during Nano.  I don’t know why I did this, because every year the edits on my existing books arrive during November, unfailingly, and they – of course- have priority.

Same again this year :)   Not that I should complain, because I’m half way through the edits on Under the Hill, having finished UtH: Bomber’s Moon but not yet started UtH: Dogfighters.  After having worked on it so long that I was sick of it, and sent it off to the publishers while I was sick of it, I’m now experiencing that wonderful writerly joy that comes with the realisation that “OMG, this is actually good stuff!”

I’ve also been given a sneak peek of the first stab mockup of the cover, and I can say “eeeeeee!” with confidence, because I love it.  I know it’s a bit early to be gushing over UtH, and I ought to be talking up By Honor Betrayed, but eeeeee! new cover art without a single naked man on it, and with all of the elements I asked for.  Couldn’t be better.

This is the one encouraging thing to happen during nearly a month of discouragement. First my husband was away and I was ill, then my husband came back and he was ill, while I continued feeling bad. Then both my daughters were grotty and upset for various reasons, while I continued to be ill, and now they’re still depressed and my husband and I are still ill.  And soon we’ll have to worry about Christmas. Aargh!

Still, By Honor Betrayed is out in 5 days, so that gives me something to look forward to.  (But it also reminds me I have a blog post to write, and a page to make for my website, and a book trailer to put together, and thank God I wrote my guest posts early or the hair I’m currently pulling out would be falling out on its own.)

Melodrama, I haz it.

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