5 stars from Speak its Name

Yay! This is wonderful 🙂 By Honor Betrayed is a SiN five star read! I can’t say how delighted I am. After such a long time with nothing new out I’d lost any confidence I might have had about whether I could do this writing lark. So getting some lovely reviews gives me a big boost to carry on. Thank you to SiN!


This part amused me:

Sex-wise, I think this is probably the smuttiest book that Alex has ever written, as she leans towards the more veiled sex scene as a rule, but the sex here is postively coarse (but great!). To quote one of the judges on Strictly Come Dancing “It was filthy and I loved it!”

as the only review I have on Amazon so far doesn’t think there’s enough sex. I’d like to think I can add the two opinions up to make “there aren’t many sex scenes, but the ones there are are good.” :)  I had to save some writing space for the swashbuckling!

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