The universe will honour your intentions

by putting obstacles in their way.  Heh, no sooner had I said “I’m going to be around more on social media.  By not having a strict schedule to blog, I’ll actually end up blogging more,” the editing for Poison and Poetry (real title to be announced later) landed on my desk, along with four guest posts to write blogs for, and this while I had also decided that, no matter what, I would still do my 1000 words a day of writing.

I’ve also recently, for the sake of my physical and mental health, determined to walk down to the village church every day (thus getting physical exercise) and spend a while in prayer (thus getting the mental and spiritual benefits of meditation, which frankly I badly need.)

Oh, and I have also added an hour’s whistle practice to my daily schedule, forgetting somehow, that there are only so many hours in the day.  But it’s got to be done – there are dancers depending on me.

So naturally the first thing that got kicked in the teeth was twitter and this blog.  Things with deadlines always come first.  Not that the deadlines are close – they aren’t – but the mere fact that they have deadlines at all means that I won’t be comfortable until they’re done and turned in.

So, off to write another blog post which won’t actually be seen until around the launch of By Honor Betrayed (which is actually not that far off now.)  If only I could positively think the universe into doing it for me.  What’s the point of this pseudo-psychological magic if you can’t snap your fingers and have everything you need appear in a flash of green light?

(/sarcasm.  I’m actually completely in favour of deciding to do something and then doing it.  I’m less in favour of the idea that you only have to think it hard enough and the universe will do it for you.)

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