More title help?

You’re all going to be fed up with this, I can tell.  But this is the last one for a while, because it’ll be months before Pilgrim’s Tale is in need of re-titling, if I’m ever lucky enough to get it (a)finished and (b) accepted by a publisher who thinks its temporary title is not snappy enough.

The one I need help with today used to be called 90% Proof, but when I decided that was an ill-fated title I submitted it to Carina as Poison and Poetry.  I’ve just got my content edits back on it, along with the suggestion that Poison and Poetry doesn’t cut the mustard either (why would you want to cut mustard, btw?)  So I need a new title, and I’ve had so many great suggestions from my friends for titles for other books over the years that I thought I’d ask again.

This is another Age of Sail novella;

It is 1779.  Robert Hughes, a Lieutenant in the British Royal Navy, is in love with his fellow Lieutenant, Hal Morgan.  But Morgan only has eyes for their Captain, William Hamilton.  Sick of watching Hal miserably eat his heart out over Hamilton, Robert determines to seduce him.  But Hal is a tough nut to crack and demands proof of love before he will submit.

Robert’s attempts to usurp Hal’s love for Hamilton lead him to expense, embarrassment, the threat of exposure, and mortal danger from the French.  Also into rather more hard work than he was prepared for.  If only Hal was more susceptible to the lure of perfume and bad poetry!

So something about proof of love, or fighting obsession with poetry would be appropriate.  Or something else entirely which I am too stupid to see.  I quite like “The Poetry of Proof” but I don’t know if that sounds any more romantic than what I had before.  Any suggestions?

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