Guesting on Jo Myles blog today

After what seems an extended period of radio silence, I’m visible again!  I had the good fortune to be invited to guest blog on Josephine Myles’ blog.  Jo, whose gorgeous narrowboat story “Barging In” (why can’t I do good titles like that?) came out recently and is already hauling in those 5 star reviews, has let me take over her blog for the day and interviewed me to boot.

I was mostly meant to be talking about my new release, “By Honor Betrayed” which is not quite out yet, but will be in about a fortnight.  But being me, and incapable of keeping to the point, I’ve ended up waffling on about everything.  This is entirely her fault!  If she hadn’t asked such genuinely interesting questions I could have kept to the script, and delivered a smoothly professional promo post.  As it is, you get my untidy real opinions and no hard sell at all.

I fail at promo.  But Jo wins at interviews :)   Also at making me blush with lovely introductions:

Just quickly updating this with a link to my actual blog post (+ excerpt).

In which I explain how I got round my dislike of pirates enough to write about them.

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