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So, I continue to phase in and out of life on line.  I’ve been avoiding the computer most of the summer, but I really ought not to just disappear like that, and this post is an attempt to come back.

(As an aside, I’ve seen advice on line saying “for God’s sake don’t start your posts with ‘so.’” However, Seamus Heaney translates the Saxon “Hwaet!” with which the Beowulf poet starts his epic not as “Listen!” but as “So…”  And I reckon that if it’s good enough for the Beowulf poet and for Seamus Heaney, it’s good enough for me.)

Part of the phasing out was down to frantic pennywhistle practicing (two or three hours a day).  I reaped the benefit of that yesterday when I made my debut as one of the Coton Morris Men’s musicians at the Thornham day of dance.  Fortunately I was not alone – I was accompanying one of their long term experienced musicians – but I didn’t disgrace myself, so I feel pretty accomplished about that.  Another year’s practice or more and I might be able to join in during the music session afterwards.

I was also dancing, so I was dressed in my Ely and Littleport Riot kit, but I’ve bought a black waistcoat for when I’m at events just as a member of Coton, and I’m scouring the charity shops for a pair of black (or white) jeans.  Two sides at once, who’d have thought it?

In slightly more relevant news to the world of m/m romance:

My books are apparently now available on Ebook Eros, and there’s a 20% discount on them for the next 30 days.  You have to enter Beecroft-eros-14534 at the checkout to take advantage of that.

And tune back in here on Wednesday, when I’ll be hosting Kay Berrisford, a great new m/m author who will be talking about the influence of British Folklore on Fantasy, and her new book, Bound for the Forest.

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