Novel or Novella?

Not related to the post title, but much more interesting, there’s a month-long party going on on the 18th Century History blog, launching off with a giveaway from me.  Possibly everyone who reads my blog and wants one has already got a copy of False Colors, but if you haven’t here’s a chance to get one free.

Even if you’re not at all interested in that, the blog is worth bookmarking and coming back to regularly, and not just for the month of giveaways 🙂

Meanwhile, back to the post title, I’m 20K into a m/m historical novella set in Saxon times.  It’s heading for 30K once it’s finished and I’m beginning to wonder if I should expand it into a short novel.  It might benefit from some more buildup and more… well, everything.  But if I do that it will be a much longer time before I can start on the next fantasy novel.  Anyone got an opinion?  Should I
a) Finish the novella.  Start the next fantasy novel.
b) Turn the novella into a novel.  Start the next fantasy novel later.
c) Forget writing!  Concentrate on learning Coton’s tunes on the pennywhistle in time for practice season starting in September.
d) Something else.

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12 years ago

Longer is always better as long as it isn’t filler. Good characters need to be given their head and allowed to run (: Plus, that way we get to hang out with the characters longer… which is always a bonus.

Elin Gregory
Elin Gregory
12 years ago

I think that if you have the feeling the story will make a novel it probably will. Also, Saxon novel from La Beecroft certainly gets my vote. 😀

I tried your link on Twitter to the 18th Century blog but it 503ed me 🙁 I’ll try again

Lee Benoit
12 years ago

As I always mourn coming to the end of your books, I say go long! (That said, I adore your fantasy voice too, so I vote long and fast, so you can get to the next project…)

(Didn’t mean that to sound filthy…)

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