Shining in the Sun is a bestseller, apparently :)

Thanks to Bruin Fisher, author of the wonderful “Work Experience” for pointing out to me that are featuring Shining in the Sun.  Their number one bestseller, apparently!  How very cool!

This reminds me that I haven’t yet mentioned this lovely review by Alan Chin, author of the beautiful and haunting The Lonely War, even though it’s been quite a while since I squeed over it myself.

At first blush this seems like a rather simple yet well-told story of opposites attract. Beecroft hooks the reader with vividly drawn characters and then draws the reader into a beautifully crafted world where both rich and poor can find a middle ground to protect each other and even flourish for a time.  These characters come alive because of their genuine emotions and concerns.

But as both characters’ lives begin to catch up with them, the plot becomes more complex, with twists and turns that give the reader a nice range of emotional experiences. This is no simple tale of rich man meets poor boy. It is a multifaceted web of situations and emotions.

Whole review here at Dorothy’s Closet

It’s taken a while for this to find its audience, because I think it’s a slightly different audience than the one that likes my age of sail books, but it’s nice to see it blossoming. 

Thank you so much to, to Alan and to Bruin 🙂

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