A great birthday was had by me.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday.  I’ve never felt so loved in my life!  I was positively overwhelmed.  My sister invited me round for lunch and bought me perfume, and my husband brought home Thai food for dinner and gave me a necklace that looks like a stylish pendant but is actually a stick-drive.  I shall put all my stories on it and wear my backup around my neck 🙂

The tattoo was my main present, but I was also lucky enough to get Lush bath stuff from one daughter, and a glasses stand and a tea-infuser shaped like a teapot from the other.  They even wrapped them up in the middle of the night and sneaked them down to my desk in the morning.  (Until which point I had no idea they had remembered at all.)

Thank you so much to Wulfila for the lovely notebook, which is just the right size for my bag, so I will be able to carry it around and write down ideas when they come to me, instead of losing them.  Thank you to Clare London, Canadian Jay and lovely anon for the virtual gifts, about which I am very chuffed, and yes it was one of my best birthdays ever.  Considering I’ve had so many of them, that’s saying something 🙂

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Jennifer Thorne
12 years ago

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! I’m very envious of your data stick/pendant. That’s a great idea. I’ve been carrying mine around in my wallet/pocket/keychain thing, which works… but isn’t quite so elegant ;p

Belated birthday wishes from Canada, too (:

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