Multiple causes of squee

First of all, I was summoned to the door this morning and handed a great big box I had not been expecting at all.  And lo! When I opened it, there were my author’s copies of Shining in the Sun in print:


It’s such a great moment when you can hold your book in your hands.  It never gets old.  And although ebooks may be the wave of the future, they can’t quite give you the sheer feeling that you have written a real book as a print copy can.  It’s also interesting how different the cover looks in real life.  On the screen it’s quite yellow, but in the flesh it’s more of a golden-brown.

Anyway, that’s probably interesting only to me.  What’s interesting to everyone (I imagine) is this cool vlog on YouTube by Peter Jackson.  I had been underwhelmed by the prospects of The Hobbit as directed by him, since I didn’t like what he’d done with The Two Towers or The Return of the King.  But now that underwhelm-ment is turning into anticipation.  I’m sure it’ll be wrong in multiple places, I’m sure it will annoy the Tolkien purist in me, but I still can’t wait:

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Gerry Burnie
13 years ago

Hey Alex. Congrats. I know e-books are a pale substitute for the real thing, but send me an e-copy and I’ll give Shining in the Sun some exposure on Gerry B’s Book Reviews. Can’t wait to read it.

13 years ago

yay! i got my mere mortals ones too. 😀

the only thing that’s really pissing me off is that they are dredging up legolas and bilbo and others to be in the film. thats going to really annoy me.

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