Finally I have news.

It’s been a long dry spell since Shining in the Sun came out.  In fact I’ve been writing more than ever before, but as it’s all been going into Under the Hill, I haven’t had anything to show for it yet.

However, I can now proudly announce that I’ve just signed a contract with Carina Press for my new Age of Sail story – the novella formerly known as Forced, aka The Pirate Novella Without a Title.

It does have a proper, permanent title now, and will henceforth be known as By Honor Betrayed, which is not only a much better title, but actually reflects the theme.

Carina being extremely efficient, I’ve already got a release date, which is 7th November 2011.  That gives me a nice run up to try and get a few more things finished and submitted this year, so that in future I don’t have quite the barren wasteland between new releases as I have had in 2010/11.

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Cornelia Grey
Cornelia Grey
13 years ago

Congratulations 🙂 And loving the title!

I am currently suffering trying to find a good title for my university thesis (which is a novel)… argh!

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