Introverts Untie: Staying sane with Social Media

I appear to have completely failed to tell anyone about this guest blog that I did on Julia Knight’s blog.

How to stay sane with social media

so I thought I would link it now.  I do, in fact, try to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Livejournal and my list of blogs I read in Google Reader, but the post is the fruits of the fact that I started out keeping up with them more and ended up being too depressed and hassled to write.

And on a completely different subject, what is probably the coolest thing ever (if you’re me).  False Colors is being taught by Eric Selinger as part of the upper-division (advanced undergraduate) course on popular romance fiction at DePaul university.  I was terribly curious to know what kind of things the students would be asked about it, and thrilled when Eric posted about that very thing on the Teach Me Tonight blog.

The “is penetrative sex considered by women to be the apex of sex?” question is of course something that’s been discussed in slash-writing communities for some time.  It’s therefore something I actually thought about when writing the book.  But I am surprised to find that the violence in the book is a talking point.  I suppose there is a lot of it, but I hadn’t really thought of it as a notable feature before.

I just can’t say how much I’m thrilled to think False Colors can stand up to being  subjected to sustained intellectual study.   (At least, I hope it can.  I don’t know what the students actually think of it!)

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Anne Lyle
13 years ago

That’s very cool about the course! And now I’m reminded that I promised Julia an article some time…

Sal Davis
Sal Davis
13 years ago

This is a nice comforting post. I think one either feels one has something to say that everyone needs to hear – or not. If not, it’s very hard to feel one has to be entertaining on a daily basis. But that’s just blogging for the sake of it. Anything that puts one off writing is a very bad thing.

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