Charlie Cochrane and I in Romance Matters

Charlie Cochrane, as well as being an amazingly prolific and talented author is also a whiz at thinking up ideas for places to promote.  Recently she suggested that as we were both members of the RNA (the Romantic Novelists’ Association – the UK equivalent of the RWA) we should write a piece about gay historical romance for their in house magazine.

Since we joined the RNA, neither of us have noticed any difference between the way they treat gay romance and the way they treat straight, and here again they have proved their quality (or should I say their equality) by printing the feature.  You can see a scan of the shortened article here:

(Click to enlarge.)  Or the full, unedited text is up on the Macaronis here: Writing Breeches Rippers

Massive thanks to Charlie for being the brains of the outfit, and to the RNA for their inclusiveness 🙂

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