Wonderful review of False Colors

by Jessica at the Read React Review blog.  I studied Philosophy at university so it gives me enormous glee to see my work discussed in the light of Plato.  (I fangirl him, and his proof of the immortality of the soul makes me grin.)

She really nails the characters of both John and Alfie, and I particularly appreciated the way she points out that it’s actually Alfie’s affectionate nature rather than his sexuality which poses most of a problem for him.  I feel a bit protective of him because, of the two of them, he’s the one who has come in for most disapproval.

Jessica says “It is sometimes said that genre fiction is about plot and character, while literary fiction is about language and Big Ideas. I have the perfect book to recommend to anyone who persists in that false belief.” Which could not be better, particularly when the book’s been out for a while and I’d stopped hoping for new reviews.  Glee all around, and I’m thinking of it as a perfect early Christmas present.  Thank you so much, Jessica!

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Dianne T.
Dianne T.
13 years ago

Hi Alex
Congrats on the wonderful review by Jessica. I was nodding and smiling the whole way through reading it. 🙂

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