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So, recently I’ve been reading all the advice out there about branding and using my blog as a marketing tool, creating an online persona and so forth.  Well, after much careful thought, I have finally come to some conclusion about what to do in that regard.  And my conclusion is this: “Sod it.  It’s my own blog and I’m going to post what I like on it, whether that’s relevant to my writing or not.”

In that vein, is this the coolest thing ever, or is it only around number #4.5 in the list?

BBC News – Is clog dancing making a comeback?

I love the idea of flash mobs of clog dancers invading Newcastle.  Also the shock and awe on the faces of the onlookers 🙂

The commentary is very good too, pinpointing the reason why I’m such a Morris convert – because all of these forms of folk dance/folk music are things that you can do yourself.  You don’t have to be a mere consumer, passively waiting for the big media corporations to offer you entertainment at a price.  You can make your own fun.  I like knowing that if film and TV went away, I’d be self-sufficient for entertainment.

We had a lovely time dancing at the Mill Road Christmas Fair last weekend, though the weather was extremely bitter.  I must have spoken to at least five people who were in England on holiday and said “this is very interesting, because we have something very much like this at home.”  I wasn’t surprised by the Spanish one – after all, Morris dancing was imported from Spain in the first place, and I remembered Wulfila saying that it’s in Germany too, but I was intrigued by the lady who said it reminded her of Dandia Raas.  Particularly as Morris also evolved from a circular form.  I wonder if there’s a connection there as well, or if it’s just a case of parallel development?  At any rate, it’s nice to think of ourselves as being part of a world tradition of folk dance that modernity tried to stop, and failed.

I could definitely see my morris side dancing this one

if only we were all a lot younger and fitter.  This is us, by comparison, middle aged but not letting that stop us:

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