The 1st day of NaNoWriMo

was a good day for me.  I wrote 2,605 words and finished chapter 18.  (As you can tell from this single sentence, I’m not doing NaNo properly.  I’ve got 110,000 words of this book written already, and this is just giving me the push I need to get over the ‘I don’t really want to finish’ self sabotaging end-of-novel hump.)

I also won a book, (yippee!) by confessing to my fears over at Shrinking Violet Promotions.  That was a wonderful surprise.  Thank you to the shrinking violets 🙂  Once I get it, however, I will have to go on a quest, amass a small band of helpful followers and journey into the underworld to defeat the monster, before returning to my small village bringing home the wisdom and OMG skillz I have acquired on the way.  I’m hoping that going down to the local shop and returning with some blu-tac will qualify.

I also had to go to my weigh in at Slimming World (if I don’t go, they fine me!) and despite feeling certain I’d gained weight, it turned out that I’d lost 2.5lb and was ‘slimmer of the week.’  I do not understand how this diet works, since it involves me eating massive amounts of food, but 10.5lb lost so far suggests that it does work, whether I understand it or not.

Altogether a good day then.  I’m almost afraid to go to bed, because all this means (according to the principle of cosmic balance otherwise known as sod’s law) is that tomorrow is likely to be awful.

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Donald Hardy
13 years ago

That sounds *very* good.

Alex Beecroft
Alex Beecroft
13 years ago

It was 🙂 Sufficiently unusually so as to make me worried about what disaster was just round the corner to pay for it 😉

Donald Hardy
13 years ago

You’re worse than i am in the “When’s The Shoe Gonna Drop” category!

Alex Beecroft
Alex Beecroft
13 years ago

But inevitably proved right 😉 I’ve had enough of today already!

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