The first draft of Under the Hill is officially finished, coming in at 138,712 words long.  Normally things grow when I edit, so I still see it ending up around 150K when it’s finally polished and done. There was some brief elation, but already I’m starting to worry about the editing.  I think, however, that the thing to do is to switch to writing Steadfast for the rest of the month, in the hopes that I can get that finished before Christmas too.  Then when Steadfast is finished I’ll have enough distance from UtH to start on the edits.

Editing wise, I was thinking of learning to use my free beta version of Scrivener for Windows (available here).  There are several scenes in UtH which could go in in two different places, and Scrivener would make sorting that out easier.

I’ve celebrated by making a new header for my LJ account, and I may give myself tomorrow off to make my caraco jacket and petticoat.  (And to catch up with answering all the emails I’ve been neglecting.)

I like NaNo!  Although I never manage to ‘win’ it, it gives me an annual chance to say “this month I’m going to concentrate on writing and not feel guilty about the state of the house or the lack of promotion or sociability.”  I can do twice as much writing if I don’t have to do all the other things.

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13 years ago

Sounds like you need a maid, friend. LOL

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