Fog and Scrivener

I don’t know of much better than coming home in a warm car on a cold, foggy day, when everything’s opaque, the air and sky are as white as the inside of an egg* and the smoke from the farmhouse chimneys is a horizontal line just a little greyer than the mist.  My life is full of such small pleasures and I’ve been noticing recently that I haven’t taken the time to appreciate them.  I’m going to try and do so more often.

And, on the subject of pleasure, as if my mind has been let off a leash I’ve been plagued with plot bunnies all day long.  I love that feeling – when it’s all potential, and the ideas are teasing you seductively, going “look at me, I’d be so awesome!  I’d be so glamourous and exciting!  You’d love to write me.  We could have such fun!” and it hasn’t yet turned into a grinding, push the rock up the hill, epic year long  commitment.  I now have a boy with a pearl earring who wants me to write about him, though I have no real idea what kind of a story he would suit.

He’ll have to wait in line, though, because I spent this afternoon working on the plot plan for Whirlwind Boys.  Scrivener made this much more fun than the way I usually do it.  I like having virtual scene cards that I can arrange on a virtual cork board.  I rather like the fact that I can put down whatever scene comes into my head and arrange them in an order that makes sense later, rather than having to do the order and the incidents simultaneously.  It makes the process more spontaneous.  More joyful and less anxious.  And I’m all for more joy in the process 🙂

*That’s a hard boiled egg, obviously**

**This clarification brought to you by the Department of Plain Speaking, an independent quango regulated by the Campaign for Clear Comparison.

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Dianne T.
Dianne T.
13 years ago

Hi Alex,
First off, congrats on completing the first draft of UTH 🙂 I enjoy reading about what “gets your muse on” – will remember the boy with pearl earring so I can remind you in the future if need be 😉 Yes, appreciation for the of small pleasures is a wonderful
thing. I was enthralled by the full moon last night, we had a gorgeous clear view of it. It’s there every month but always fascinates me. Scrivener sounds really cool, maybe when I quit the 24/7 job I can take up some writing, what with all the modern tools to help. Lord knows my thoughts would need arranging!

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