Pocket hoops!

I have finally finished my pocket hoops, the first step towards making myself slightly posher 18th Century clothes.  They look like small covered wagons and involved about the same amount of engineering, since each one is boned with three lengths of steel.  They also have padded channels at the top to make the tops rigid.  I will be able to keep a brace of pistols and a small library in them, but a slight disadvantage is that they’re so big I can’t reach to the bottom of them.  I also have to go sideways through doors.  Which is as it should be, of course.

Pocket hoops

Next step is to go to the reenactor’s market at the end of October and buy enough material to make a petticoat and matching flouncy jacket (possibly with a contrasting stomacher) to look something like this:

I may also need a wig, because while I can conceal my short hair under a big lower-class cap, it’s going to be blindingly obvious under one of these little lacy postage stamps.

Rose’s Robe a l’Anglaise is cut out and I’ve made the petticoat which goes under the gown and shows at the front.  (The whole ensemble should end up looking a bit like this):

She gets posher kit than me because she’s young and pretty – it would be wasted on me.  So the sewing list for this year goes a bit like this:

To make before the season starts again in February.

18th Century.

Petticoat, jacket, stomacher and posh cap for me.  (Haven’t even bought the material yet.)

Robe a l’Anglaise for Rose (cut out and lining made.)

Frock coat and embroidered waistcoat for Andrew.  (Have the material, but haven’t touched it yet.)


Nun’s dress, scapular, cap, hood and wimple for me.  (Have the material, but haven’t touched it yet.)

Tunic and trousers for Ailith.  (Have the material, but haven’t touched it yet.)

Under-dress for Rose.  (Have the material, but haven’t touched it yet.)

New cloaks for Andrew, Rose and Ailith.  (Haven’t even bought the material yet.)

I think it’s about time I sold some of our Regia kit which is now inauthentic in order to finance all of this.  I foresee myself being very busy over December and January!

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