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I found out about Katie Babs/KB, who is doing something about the recent rash of teen suicides due to bullying and cyberbullying. She’s made a post about them and has pledged that for every comment she gets, up to five hundred, she’ll donate a dollar to an organization dedicated to helping kids.

500 comments = $500.00.

To quote her:

$250 will go to The Trevor Project, “the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.”

$250 will go to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, [which] was founded by Dennis and Judy Shepard in memory of their 21-year old son, Matthew, who was murdered in an anti-gay hate crime in Wyoming in October 1998. Their mission is to “educate and enlighten others on the importance of diversity, understanding, compassion, acceptance and respect.”

I commented in support, and I hope that the rest of you will do so as well.

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Dianne T.
Dianne T.
13 years ago

Thank you for sharing this Alex. Both organizations do fine work, I only wish it were not needed. Judy Shepard has a speaking engagement 40 minutes from me Oct. 20th. I am hoping to attend. So many sad stories, so many tears shed this past week alone.

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