Still ill

This is getting a little tedious.  Still coughing like I’m trying to turn myself inside out.  I thought my lungs were making a sound like popping candy, so I went to the doctor, who was unimpressed and said “no, they’re not, that’s just your throat.”  This apparently makes it tantamount to being a whiny hypochondriac, turning up at her door after 5 days of not sleeping because I can’t lie down and breathe at the same time.  Shame on me!

I’ve got to be better by Sunday because the Ely meet-up is happening!  Currently there’s no way I can sit through four hours of meeting and pizza afterwards, but I suppose there’s still three days left in which to improve.  Grr!  I would really quite like to be over this by now.

At least yesterday I did manage to cut out my new semi-circular cloak, and I am more or less up to hemming it, so I can achieve something today.  I hope!

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