Shrinking Violets

One of the blogs I follow regularly is Shrinking Violet Promotions (subtitle – Marketing for Introverts,) who are always interesting and provide a much welcome contrast to the rather extrovert advice I get elsewhere.  Today for some readon the RSS feed sent me two of their posts instead of one, and I thought I’d pass them along because they’re both things I’ve seen people getting depressed and stressed about recently.

This one is particularly encouraging, addressing the reasons why an author can suddenly find that they just can’t take this writing life any more:

And this one ties in to that, I think, in that sometimes all the energy expended on promotion can be one of the reasons you don’t have any left over for writing:

With another cause for writing fatigue being the deluge of promotion for other people’s books.  (I shouldn’t be saying this immediately after my last post, should I?!)

As someone who always scores 100% Introversion on these personality tests, these ladies are talking my language, and I’m very glad they are 🙂

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