Feel the need for plans

Or maybe just a plan.  The trouble is that I can’t help but suspect that if I post about my plan something will occur to make sure it doesn’t happen.  However, I’m going to take that risk.

This year has been a year of things not getting finished, so I want to end the year by completing some writing projects.  To that end, my plan is (God willing):

Finish the space opera novella I’m currently writing, before the end of October.

Use NaNoWriMo to finish Under the Hill.

If I can do that, I can end the year with two, possibly three (Under the Hill could easily split in the middle to become two novels) manuscripts to send out early next year.  If I can’t do it, my state of “OMG, I’m such a has-been!” will carry over to next year, and I really don’t want that to happen.

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