19th Sept – party like a pirate on Speak Its Name

Hi-diddley dee, a pirate’s life for me…

It’s Talk Like a Pirate day on Sunday 19th September – we’d love to
celebrate here on Speak Its Name.

Why not post links to pictures of you (or your pets) in pirate garb (or
other nautical gear)? Post Pirate slashy drabbles (not fanfic, please),
pirate limericks and piratical excerpts. There will be prizes, although
whether the awarding of same will follow the pirate code, who knows?

Erastes will help celebrate the day by listing piratey books on the
Macaronis blog.

More details once we’ve spliced the mainbrace.

Yaar.  This post be plundered wholesale from that scourge of the seven seas, Charlie Cochrane.  Pass it on, my hearties, if you don’t want to be fished to the cathead by the mizzen spanker!

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