Um… yay!

OK so you probably have to be born in the USA to understand the legal shilly-shallying about Prop 8 and gay marriage in California, and what, if anything, it implies for the rest of the country.  First marriage was OK, then it wasn’t, now it is again but not until next week, and the anti-marriage campaign rumbles on, so goodness knows when there will be a proper firm decision that sticks. Is this one?  Can it still be reversed?  I don’t understand!

Still, it’s something to see Prop 8 overturned and for people to be allowed to get married again:

Here’s hoping that this time it lasts 🙂

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the profits from the I Do anthologies are going now, they’re still going to Lambda Legal, because the fight won’t be over until there is equal marriage in every state.

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Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
13 years ago

It will eventually make it to SCOTUS. If they uphold it, then it can be used to overturn constitutional amendments in 30 states. The courts are doing what they are suppose to do, protect the minority from the majority. Lets hope it makes it all the way.

13 years ago

I agree with Alan that the courts are doing what they are supposed to be doing, but from what I read, this *won’t* be the case that makes it to the Supreme Court, due to some legal fine points. What I am hoping is that gay couples will be able to get marriage licenses in California at 5:01 pm PDT on Wed 8/18/10 and this will settle the issue in California. But there is still more to do…stay the course, as we say here in Maine.


Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
13 years ago

late breaking news sounds like the 9th circuit court (who is over the western US) may rule to not hear the case since the state of CA is not challenging it. In that case it may only apply to CA. Still a victory, but not as big of one as if it was heard by SUCTUS and based on the 14th amendment, ruled unconstitutional. I know, still very confusing, but a lot of drama, a lot of Jebus and a whole lot of “What about the children?”. Good times in the USA…

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