Recommendations please?

I have discovered a forgotten birthday present from my parents-in-law, which is a voucher for downloads from  Hurray!  Also, I’m going off to an internet-free, bookshop-free long weekend spent in a field, and after driving to and from France last week I’ve read all the books on my ebook reader.

These are two things that were made to be together 🙂  So I need recommendations of books to read.  Preferably ones from and preferably ones which I can download immediately before we leave (some time in the mid afternoon today.)  I’ve bought two so far, which will occupy me for the journey down to Detling and the first evening, so I’ve still got two more evenings and a return journey to fill.  I’ve started to really like long car journeys as it’s the only uninterrupted time I ever get to read!

Anyone got any wonderful new finds to share?  New books out which are right up my street?

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