In and out

like a fiddler’s elbow, that’s me this week.  Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary, which I forgot about.  Fortunately, Andrew forgot about it too, so there were no hard feelings on his side, and nothing but relief on mine.  We went up North to see my Dad instead of celebrating, which made for a long day of driving through torrential rain, but we’ve chalked up a mental note of “we are permitted to buy ourselves something nice at some point, to celebrate” which is always a nice thought to carry around.

Tomorrow we’re off again to set up in preparation for Detling Military Odyssey. It’ll be the first outing for our Anglo-Saxon bed frame, but we haven’t decided yet whether we fill the frame with furs and sleep on that, or go the safe option and fill it with an air bed. A straw or feather filled mattress would be authentic, but we can’t fit one in the car.

LOL! Totally off topic (not that I had a topic in the first place,) look what I found 🙂

Possibly only funny to Brits and other people who grew up watching Captain Pugwash.

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