UtH is driving me mad

How long is this novel going to take?  It’s 82,500 words long already and only on chapter 12 of 20.  It is the giant life-sucking project of DOOM.  How many times must the characters explain to each other what the other characters explained to them?  How many times must Sumala and Flynn break out of the same prison, only to be thwarted in their plans of escape before they actually decide to do something other than just go home?  Why must I be so acutely conscious of the amount of editing this is going to need when it’s done?  Why can’t I have it finished now so that I can get down to the editing?  Why can’t I have it finished now so I can write “Whirlwind Lads” or that piratey one which doesn’t yet have a name?  What happened to the days of squeeing over actors and actually having fun?  When did all this get so damned serious?

Frustration, thy name is “Under the Hill.”  I can’t believe this was originally only going to be a novella!

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Jessica Freely
13 years ago

Dude, I feel your pain. Can’t actually offer any helpful suggestions, just sympathy. 🙁

Then again, if it’s not contracted, and/or not on deadline, then perhaps it can be set aside, at least for long enough that you can remember why you love writing again? If it is contracted and/or on deadline, then at least your suffering has a time limit. Cold comfort, but…

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