Three wheels on my wagon

and I’m still rolling along!

Or at least, I’m celebrating having passed the 90,000 word mark on UtH.  Admittedly it’s only 60% done, but things have started rolling a little and developing some momentum, and I’m feeling positive about it again.  I’m also getting things clearer in my mind for what needs to be changed in the next edit.

On other positive news, I started a diet and gym routine a fortnight ago and have so far lost half a stone.  I clearly had it to spare, because none of my clothes feel any looser yet, and I don’t seem to look any different.  The aim there is to eventually get back down to a UK dress size 14.  Even when I was 30, super fit and solid muscle I never got below a 12, and that was on 1,300 calories a day for two years.  So I don’t think I’m cut out to ever be skinny.  I’d like to be fitter again, though, and it can’t be too late for that yet.

What I’ve realized, now that the shoulder pain has mostly gone away, is how much it affected my mood and my mental state.  I wonder now why I thought I should be able to carry on as normal, when it was hard to move during the day or to sleep at night.  Maybe a lot of my depression and writer’s block over the past year was due to constant sleeplessness and pain?  In which case, I should make the most of the current painlessness while it lasts, because as Oxymandias’ advisers said, “This too shall pass.”

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