So how about that UK m/m con, then?

On the grounds that I might be paying for the venue and nibbles, I reckoned that I could get away with looking for somewhere near me.  So I’ve just come back from Ely library, where I discovered that I can hire a large function room with chairs for 50 people, a large table to sit around and a kitchen where we can make tea and coffee for £5 an hour.

My thoughts are – lets set a date in August for all the m/m authors, aspiring authors and fans who live in Britain and fancy a get together to come to Ely library, where we can have refreshments, mingle, chat, exchange books and possibly plan on doing something more ambitious next year.

We can easily afford to pay for the room for 4 hours.  We could even have a couple of short talks punctuated by tea breaks, and then hit the town for pizza.

But that’s getting ahead of myself.  If I was to hire the function room in Ely library one Saturday or Sunday in August for an embryonic British m/m con, would anyone come?

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13 years ago

If it’s a date I can make and on a Saturday then I’d come. As long as it gets organised quickly enough so that I can get a decent priced train ticket :).

I’m happy with the idea of a general meet-up but would’t mind sitting in on a talk or seminar, even it related more to writing than reviewing.

Anne Brooke
13 years ago

Sounds fabulous to me, though there are several dates I couldn’t do due to holidays and then Glyndebourne trips – but if I’m free I’d be up for it!


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