All About Romance votes “Shining in the Sun” a Desert Island Keeper

LOL!  I got the entire contents of this post into the subject line 🙂  But yes, after a day spent entirely on getting Rose ready for her Prom, and finally waving her off about a half hour ago, it’s just marvellous to come home to such a wonderful review as this:

All in all, Beecroft delivers a romance that is complicated, emotionally satisfying, and thoroughly compelling. I’m fairly certain that Shining in the Sun is her first foray into contemporary romance, but I have to say that I’m very much hoping it’s not her last.

From Katie Mack at All About Romance, who has chosen it as a Desert Island Keeper.  Thank you so much Katie 🙂    I’m particularly happy (in one of those perverse writerly ways) to know that although she found Darren hard to like, she couldn’t help understanding and sympathizing with him.  Coolness 🙂

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