Lovely review of SitS from Three Dollar Bill Reviews

They say:

Money and class are important themes in the story. It’s very British in that regard. The details of the setting, the dialogue, the general atmosphere, are all very British; but the tension between classes is what truly marks it out as a story about British people. Class differences put barriers between Alec and Darren, and though of course their love eventually breaks down these barriers, it’s not easy and there’s a feeling at the end that it’s always going to be something they’ll have to deal with, even if mostly as assumptions and prejudices from other people.

Although there are plenty of outside events intruding on their lives, the relationship still drives the story. When they are pulled apart by events they keep on finding each other again, always drawn back together. There’s a real feeling that this relationship is the one that will change their lives.

And many other interesting and insightful things which you can read if you click here.

But I was particularly happy with that paragraph because it’s good to know that the relationship comes across as I hoped it would – as the thing that is already beginning to help both of them grow and mature into the more assured men that I know they can be.

Thank you to Junkfoodmonkey!  and to Three Dollar Bill reviews.

Thank you too to everyone who sent me a birthday present, card, vgift or note.  It’s been one of the best birthdays I can remember for a long time, despite or possibly because of the fact that it was very busy with phone calls and children at home and Autoglass Repair coming out to do the windscreen of the car and… 🙂

I got 18th Century shoes with cut brass buckles, a book full of glossy photos of the Avro Lancaster, some Lush bath stuff from one daughter and pens of my very own (which come with a promise that they won’t be borrowed and mislaid) from the other.  Also I got my own fire-breathing dragon, who sat on the glass table with flames coming out of his nose for about an hour.

And a review!  Altogether a very nice day indeed.  Thank you again!

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