In which my booksigning dreams are crushed.

Ah well, I thought it was too easy.  I’ve just had a reply from Waterstones’ event organizer, who I emailed in an attempt to arrange a book signing.  She says “Unfortunately this is not something that would for us here in Piccadilly” and encourages me to try my local branch.  However, given that my local branch doesn’t even have the book on its database at all, let alone have it in the shop, I feel it’s much less likely that my local branch would be interested.

I will try the local branch, but I’m sorry that I raised anyone’s hopes about a do in London.  It seems it’s not going to happen after all.  This is more the kind of level of enthusiasm I’m used to receiving from bookshops, but I’ve got to admit it’s a bit of a disappointment after the lovely reception I got when I visited personally.  Back to business as usual, it seems 🙂

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14 years ago

Hi there … I am very sorry to hear about your disappointment. I’ve read your books and have heard many, many great things about everything you write. I live in the US but I’m sure others in your area would be happy to attend a signing. Would it have to be in a bookstore? Maybe you could have one in a local spot with minimal cost and encourage a meet and greet. You could make printed copies available for purchase through your website or paypal prior to the event. Istead of mailing it to them they can choose to pick it up directly from the you at the event.

I hope this works out for you. Writers should be recognized for all their hard work and creativity.

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