Amazon Store?

I was putting a nifty little ‘RSS feed’ compass icon in my website sidebar today when I noticed that my Amazon Store icon only took me to a page that said “Server Not Found.”  At first I thought that there was probably just some broken code on my website, but when I went to Out in Print’s blog to find their Amazon Store, I discovered that theirs’ wasn’t there any more either.  Has Amazon stopped doing this for ages, and I’ve only just noticed?  Or is it working for everyone else and my site is just wrong?

Edited much later to say that I have found the problem, which turned out to be a broken link on my site, and after Andrew spent much of the evening figuring out how to get at it, because it was deeply hidden in the template of the blog, we fixed it.  Huzzah for us!  And now it’s way past time to go to bed.

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