All downhill from here

Phew!  I have turned the corner and passed the middle of Under the Hill.  At 77,555 words I am now officially into the second half of this 150,000 word whopper.  It’s slightly frustrating because 77K is long enough for a book on its own, and I’ve still got half to go, but on the other hand, the hump is over and it’s downhill for Under the Hill from now on.

I’m not even thinking about how much editing this thing is going to need!  (A clue – it’s lots and lots.  But I’ll think about that after the first draft is finished.)

I’ve had a slight revelation and realized that if I shut myself in the bedroom for two twenty minute periods of intensive writing, I can do 1000k a day even when Rose is at home, and this is making me lots happier about her study leave.  If I can keep it up while they are both at home, I might even be able to reclaim the summer holidays, and that will be a major source of frustration eliminated from my year.

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