Slight de-cluttering accident

I was reading this lovely article about Marketing for Introverts at the Shrinking Violet Promotions blog today.  It really struck a chord with me because of this extended writer’s block thing I’ve been going through recently:

“Mitali Perkins is someone who has become quite an industry presence, but she also tweeted over 50,000 words last year. Another blogger I know spends 30 hours a week on her blog. Look at your own personal career goals and ask yourself if this is really where you want to spend your energy. It is very possible that it IS where you want to spend your energy, and if so, fine. But just make sure it is your choice and your decision, not a default setting. It all boils down to our limited amounts of energy, and this is especially true for introverts.”

I thought this sounded very true, and the thought of unplugging from many of my yahoo groups and backing off from Facebook and Twitter, and concentrating on reading things that actually inspired me, was a very attractive one.  So I thought I would set my yahoo groups to “Special Notices Only”.  I thought the easiest way to do this would be to tick the little boxes at the side to select each group, select “Special Notices Only” at the bottom, and then hit “Save Changes.”

Only afterwards did I realize that the little box at the side was the “leave this group” box.  So I’ve now left an entire page of my list of yahoo groups.  And I can’t even tell which ones they were, because I can’t get at any history that shows me my list before I hit delete.  So if I’ve mysteriously and unceremoniously left your group, I do apologise.  I really didn’t mean to do that!  I was only trying to go no mail for a while until my inspiration came back.  An aim in which I’ve succeeded rather more thoroughly than I hoped!

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