Day 26

26. Let’s talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him!

Do I draw my characters?  No, I can’t draw.

Do others draw them?  Only one person (to my knowledge) has ever drawn one of my characters.  That was the amazing Eve LeDez, who did me this beautiful picture of Sulien (and Oswy in the form of a raven) from The Witch’s Boy:

Of which I have the original picture hanging in pride of place on the living room wall.

Not quite drawing exactly, but cover art must count for something.  For False Colors the cover artist gave me two models who do indeed look so much like my mental image of John and Alfie that they are now how I see the characters.  And the sensitive looking young man on the front of Shining in the Sun is perfect for Alec, so that’s almost as good as a drawing too.

Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him!

When I’m coalescing a character out of nothing more than a vague feeling and a few quirks, I do like to find a face which looks a bit like the way I imagine him. Since I can’t draw, this means scouring stock photo sites, noticing extras in my favourite TV programmes and getting pictures of them and other such shenanigens.  I found faces for Harry and Garnet in Blessed Isle amongst Elisa Rolle’s man-candy posts.  Jasper turned up on Wave’s blog, while Charles from The Wages of Sin was on the cover of a calendar of twinks I saw on

For Under the Hill, I knew that the guy who appeared in the Dr. Who episode where they met the Master at the end of the universe – the guy in the tank top who flirted with Jack for about 3 seconds – that guy was perfect for Chris. Fortunately my reliable friends list found me a picture of him with only that description to go on. So this is my mental picture of Chris:

And this is Ben (who was the “please let him be Owen’s replacement – oh, damn” doctor in Torchwood CoE):

I’ve actually got to the point where I’m quite glad now that I don’t draw, because I suspect – if I was drawing an imaginary character – I would not come up with the kind of interesting, lived in faces of real people. There’s a lot to puzzle over, a lot of complexity in a real face, which there wouldn’t be in one that came out of my own head.

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