Day 21, also Shining in the Sun news :)

21. Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them?

I’ve written characters who are children (Oswy in the Witch’s Boy who is an 11 year old protagonist), and I’ve written my fanfiction characters as children.  I’ve written Farrant running alongside his son’s pony, and Elizabeth Sheldrake with her baby, but they were more or less cameo scenes.  So I would say that I write children but I tend not to write families.

I’ve been told that I write children well.  I write them in the same way I would write any character – as people with their own set of interests and their own personality, although less experience of life and more naivety than an adult.


I was amazed and rather chuffed to get a Google Alert this week notifying me that Shining in the Sun is available for pre-order here: Books on Board It certainly makes it feel a lot closer 🙂

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