Day #20 and writing

20. What are your favorite character interactions to write?

This one’s fairly easy. I’ve often said that my short stories consist entirely of putting two characters into a room and having them talk. I like to take characters who have very different points of view, who possibly dislike each other and have contempt for everything the other represents – and then put them in a room and have them talk themselves to a point of mutual respect. They don’t have to end up agreeing. I don’t even mind if they come out of the room still sure that they have to kill each other – they just have to come to understand that their opponent makes sense and is not contemptible after all.


Good news this week (for me) is that I am writing again.  Only about 800 words a day, but that’s better than nothing.  I’ve got a little timer which I’ve put on the computer and I set it at 20 minutes and then just write until the alarm goes off.  Three twenty minute sessions with breaks in between gives me approximately 800 words.  Clearly I just need to start earlier and get a fourth session in to break the 1000 word a day barrier.

Better news (for me) is that I want to write romance again.  Of course this may be my brain trying another new way of sabotaging Under the Hill (wanting to write romance now that UtH isn’t a romance any more.)  But it’s nice to have what feels to me like an essential part of my character restored.  I’ve just got to get the output back up to reasonable standards to have any chance of meeting this year’s goal of one novel and a novella.  I can’t believe it’s nearly May already!

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