Unfolding seeds

So I fell off the internet last week, due to having my final proofreading edit of Shining in the Sun with a deadline of one week to finish.  Also cover art to make for an upcoming book by Cheyenne Publishing.  Also cover art for a new series of Age of Sail novels coming out from Bristlecone Pine Press.  (I had to come up with a concept for the series, so that all 5 books would look similar while all being individual, find pictures that the writer liked and felt were appropriate for each book, and then make the first cover in the full size version.

Also, I had a bit of a family crisis in which I discovered that not everything was OK between me and my sister, so that took precidence over everything.

It was kind of a miserable week, as a result, and I let my email pile up and didn’t post on my blog.  If anyone’s been wondering about my new “were-snail” icon, that’s what it’s about – the fact that if there is trouble I deal with it by drawing in my horns and huddling in my shell.

However, this week, I have finished the edit, finished the Cheyenne cover, finalized the series concept and sent off the art for covers #1 and #2, and (due to a lot of forgiveness all around) the family crisis is no longer a crisis.

So I thought I would celebrate by (finally) spending some of the money I got as a Christmas gift from my Dad and buying myself an ereader.  I was going to get a Sony, but as I scrolled down the options at Amazon.co.uk, I got distracted by the Cybook Gen 3 of which even the 3 star review said (paraphrased) “it’s a nice, basic ebook reader with no fancy stuff.”

I checked out their website, and it sounded just the job.  Also it came with a free case, and was cheaper than the Sony.  Now that I know that all the hints I’ve dropped over the past six months have been in vain and I’m getting 18th Century shoes for my birthday, I decided to buy it for myself.  More news on that when it arrives!

Also, yay!  Shining in the Sun is showing up on Samhain’s “Coming Soon” page.  First unfolding seedling of a new release 🙂

This must mean I’ll be getting a cover soon.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  While I can’t expect anything as outstanding as the cover art for Captain’s Surrender twice in a row, Samhain’s cover art is always very good.  But  it’s still nerve-wracking when you don’t have any idea at all of what you’ll get.

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