Because I can never resist perfumes that sound like poems and make you smell like weird things.  I joined a decant circle run by snowwhitemoon fairly recently and read through the descriptions of all the perfumes on offer in BPAL’s “Lupercalia” selection 2010.

Due to being skint, I could only afford four imps this time, so I had to choose very carefully, and I’ve been rewarded for that by liking them all now that they’ve arrived.  I got:

Milk Chocolate, Coconut, Cardamom, Rum and Ginger Truffle – which requires no explanation 🙂

It smells to me like bitter dark chocolate, slightly burnt, with ginger and a hint of pine fresh detergent.  It’s the least successful of the four, but smelling like dark chocolate with a hint of ginger and pine is still not a bad thing.

Bijoux Y’ha-Nthlei

Described as “neroli, Hawaiian ginger, white musk, tarragon, beeswax, heliotrope, yellow rose, oud, coriander, amber and lime peel.”

It smells floral at first but soon changes into a long lasting citrusy scent which slowly mellows to incorporate something softer and more vanilla-ish.  I can’t detect the musk at all, unfortunately.


“Caraway, amber, saffron, bergamot and neroli.”  I got this one because of the bergamot, for the sentimental reason that that’s what John’s cologne in False Colors smells of.  But this doesn’t smell of anything of the sort.  It’s practically ecclesiastic, with a strong something that smells of frankincense  or some other incense.  I guess that must be the amber?  However it is, I like it a lot.  It’s a powerful, sacred sort of smell and makes me feel as if I should be wearing vestments.

Octopus and Abalone Diver

“Ambergris accord, water lily, freesia, sea spray, molluscan sea shell accord and driftwood.”

I got this one because I wanted to smell what Ambergris smelled like – it being a popular ingredient of 18th Century perfume and the base of the scent that Jasper wears in The Wages of Sin.  And I have to say that it’s also nothing at all like I expected.  I thought it would be a much earthier, darker, ranker scent, but this is really light and fresh, like cut grass, spice and musk.  It’s my favourite of the batch, but unfortunately doesn’t last long on me, so I can see myself using it up really quickly.  I wonder if it would last longer on a hanky or a locket?

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