I Do authors at the pub, April 14th

The Old Market Tavern in Bristol (www.omtbristol.co.uk) is hosting a promotion evening for I Do Two on Wednesday April 14th.  The Landlord, Richard Evans, has come on board in a big way – he’s offered to lay on a free buffet – and will promote it on his website and through journalist contacts in the various local papers. Venue magazine (www.venue.co.uk) will be plugging the event and reviewing the book. Their L&G editor has been in touch and he’s very positive about it.

Authors Charlie Cochrane and Bruin Fisher will be there, signing copies of the anthology.  Anyone who fancies turning up will be more than welcome.  Contact me if you want directions or further info and I’ll put you in touch with Bruin, who has arranged and is organizing it.

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