Friday on a Monday

Big thanks to Penelope Friday for this article in the T5m Collective magazine:

I Do Two – The Charity Anthology Promoting GLBT

Right To Marriage

in which she interviews Lee Rowan, Kris Jacen and I about the I Do anthologies.

On other news, eagle eyed LJ readers may notice that I’ve changed my LJ style.  I envied Erastes her sidebar with the pictures of her book covers on it.  So I went looking for a three column style and then tweaked it so that it (a) fits with my website and (b) doesn’t look too much like hers, I hope.  It would look less like hers if there wasn’t only a single three column layout to choose from.  Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but being unexpectedly cloned can offend.

A bonus feature is that I’ve discovered the list of links on the right hand side, and how to add more of them.  So if you have a website you would like me to list there, just comment here with the name and URL and I will add it.

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14 years ago

Oh, Hi. Just popping in.

I'm a new reader of your work. Finishing up False Colors. Not quite to the end yet, but I wanted to say I loved it. Not a romance reader, never tried an m/m romance, but your writing is charming, your characters are truly engaging, and I love the age of sail.

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