Nothing strange about it

Since posting on Thursday that my day was strangely hectic, I’ve decided that there was nothing strange about it.  I’ve been taking on stuff here and there, and not doing it.  So now I’ve suddenly realized that I have four books to read: two to review, one to read in order to get ideas for making the cover, one to read to give feedback on next Saturday at my writer’s club.  I also have four, possibly five, book-covers to make.  And I’ve promised to do a post on the Macaronis blog next week.

And, of course, I’m trying to get my daily minimum of 1050 words written, plus answering emails, and trying to extricate myself from conversations on topics which could be interesting, could get nasty, certainly require lots of thought, and for which I just don’t have the time or energy.

And there’s real life too.  The girls went back to school yesterday after A was ill on Tuesday and R was ill on Thursday, but DH and I spent Friday at the reenactor’s market (a post on that anon).  From which we returned with enough material for me to make a frock coat and waistcoat.  That joins the “make higher class clothes for the family” to do list, which I haven’t started yet.  I did finally get 18th Century shoes, though, which is a relief, as my clogs were quite uncomfortable.  However, it adds “find appropriate buckles” to my list.

And there’s the whole feed, clothe, clean up after and taxi your family to their various activities.  Exercise has once more been abandoned as an unrealistic ideal, and bodhran practice cut back to twice a week.  I really don’t know how some writers manage all of this and a full time job too!  *Am awed*.

I guess I’d better stop blathering here and go and do some of the things I ought to do instead.

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