Am reading Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling – book one of the Nightrunner series – at the moment.  (Well, I started it today.)  So far I’m not overly impressed.  It’s very generic AD&D sort of fantasy with taverns and bards and guilds and elves who so far don’t appear to be very elvish, and wizards and evil gods.  Not that I’m saying that I could do better – just that I expected better, given all the enthusiasm for it.  I feel I’ve seen it all before, and often done with more flair and originality.  Katherine Kerr’s Deverry books, for example, seem to have covered much of the same territory with more style.  So far Alec seems to be effortlessly good at everything, and Seregil is trying to be mysterious, but it’s not really working because I honestly don’t care about his past and I don’t see why I should.  And all the characters keep explaining the geography and history and politics to me, and I can’t say I really care about that either.

Is it only popular because the heroes are gay?  I’m on page 108 and not terribly interested any more.  Does it get better?

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