A glad end to a hectic day

Today has been strangely hectic, and yet I don’t seem to have achieved anything.  Largely because Rose was at home ill again.  She spent the morning asleep in bed, so I managed to get my daily 1050 words done (just), but this afternoon I feel absolutely exhausted from running about, but nothing seems to have got done.  (Other than making a pint of custard because she wanted comfort food.  Half of which is now going solid in the pan.)

However, two very good things have also happened today 🙂

A lovely review for The Wages of Sin

One is that I got this lovely review from Val Kovalin at Obsidian Bookshelf, who really enjoyed The Wages of Sin and voted it a recommended read.  She says “I enjoyed reading The Wages of Sin and I’m a reader who usually finds ghost stories to be tedious. However, this one held my undivided attention, starting with the title, …. I liked the flashes of humor expressed by the admiral when he describes the neighbor feud, and I found Jasper and Charles to be appealing characters that I’d love to see in a sequel, practicing their unique investigative abilities.”

The full review is available here: The Wages of Sin by Alex Beecroft

and *fanfare* 😉

Captain’s Surrender comes in joint second place in Love Romances Cafe’s Best Historical Romance of 2009 category.

I have got a button

which I will put on my website to celebrate 🙂  Thank you so much to anyone who voted for me!  You are very cool and it’s entirely appreciated.

One of the nicest things about this is that the m/m historical romance was judged in with the m/f historical romance, rather than being confined to its own little ghetto.  Congratulations too to Charlie Cochrane, whose “Lessons in Temptation” won an Honourable Mention.  Given that m/f romance is a very much bigger field than m/m, I think we did pretty well 🙂

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