Shining in the Sun

Coolness!  I got my edits today for Shining in the Sun, which has brought it home to me that it’s coming out on the 8th of June, and that’s not really all that far away!

The consensus seems to be that I use far too many semicolons and exclamation marks; how can she say that! 😉  Nah, it’s true.  I have a great fondness for semicolons, even though I don’t have any idea of the grammatical rules for using them.  Or, at least, I didn’t.  I do now!

Argh!!! Those exclamation marks just keep sneaking up on me.  Still, I don’t comma-splice half as much as I used to, so that’s a consolation.  We live and learn.  Though in my case I mostly just live.

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