Run out your gun.

LOL!  I don’t know whether to be flattered or flabberghasted, but my Google Alert this morning turned up a person on a pirate site requesting a download of “Shining in the Sun.”  It’s not even due out until the 8th of June!

It’s nice to know that the word is out and there are people eagerly anticipating my next novel.  And if they read it and think “wow, I’ll have to get this one,” and go out and buy it afterwards, then I’m fine with that.  Given this article about free Kindle copies of books, I am definitely thinking that I will sign up for Samhain’s monthly Kindle giveaway scheme as a form of publicity.  But at some point money needs to get back to the publishers and the writers or they will not be able to afford to write or publish the next book.  Then the whole thing stops and everyone loses out.

So yes, I’m flattered that I’ve got a fan, but I’m thinking “If you like my work, please buy it.  Do your bit to support the writer and the infrastructure which enables the books to be produced.  That way there will be more books, and you’ll get to read those too.”

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JoAnne Soper-Cook
14 years ago

Precisely so, and especially considering how inexpensive most Kindle versions are. I mean, come on, people – you can pay $5 for a latte at Starbucks but you can't support an artist? Gimme a break!

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